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Our Current Critter Count
Patches Needs a Home!!
Look at this sweet boy on the Dogs, Cats etc page. He must find a home by April 2011! We can no longer give hime what he needs, a very active, physical family. He lives life at top speed! Gets along well with other dogs and cats! PLEASE HELP find this special dog a forever home!
1 Rat
2 3-legged Dogs
1 Deaf/blind dog
2 Ex-feral Cats
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This was Michaelangelo, my greatly loved, greatly missed Service Rat at work.
He passed on August 15th 2008.
My Friends
Dark Days here at Tripod Ranch. All Service Animals except Dogs and even Emotional Support Dogs will be outlawed by the US government!
How ironic that President Obama has a PSA touting the 20th Anniversary of the ADA and how every American deserves the right to fully participate in the "American Experience"   when those same rights are being ripped away from up to 50,000 disabled Americans!
This ruling also will outlaw Minature horse guide dogs and monkeys to assist quadraplegics, Seizure alert birds and Cats and ANY other animals! Let your unhappiness be known. Contact your Congressman and Senator!